Sunday, 6 October 2013

How to download Stellarium Info

Have you ever wondered what the software is we use for demonstrating the night sky to members of the public, when the cloud cover is at its heaviest? Well the trade secret is ......Stellarium! It is open source (GPL) and free.

Here is the link to the main Stellarium page click here to download Stellarium
Just make sure you are on the official Stellarium page, as there are several sites that pretend to be the official page (hint: you can tell by the design of the page, its slick and professional, and there are screenshots available from the actual program).. Details on the correct files to download for your your specific system can be found on the site, plus loads more information on the project, which explains why it is free. Check these carefully.

Disclaimer: Please check/virus scan any downloaded files carefully before you install them on your machine, WAS will not be held responsible if you damage your machine or it picks up a nasty web flu (virus) from the interweb. Please also note that Wealden Astronomical Society have no direct relationship/connection with Stellarium or it's creators/ distributors other than we use their excellent software. We are not being bribed to ask you to download the software (although would consider it?). We like it because it works, its open source and it is free. There are also others programs like Google SkyMaps,  that may suit you better.... The choice is yours, have a hunt around and  let us know what you think.

Happy stargazing.

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