Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wealden AS Meeting - 16th April 2016 Speaker Francisco Diego

Our Guest speaker on 16th April Will be Dr Francisco Diego who will be delivering a fascinating and thought-provoking lecture about the “Think Universe!” project. “Think Universe!” is an educational project to bring big science to elementary classrooms. Francisco will take us on a journey from the creation of the universe to the present day.     

Francisco has appeared on TV series like Stephen Hawking's Universe, BBC's The Planets and more recently, the world-wide version of BBC's Wonders of the Universe, The Seven Ages of Starlight and The Secret Life of the Sun. He is a regular contributor to BBC , Sky and Aljazeera News channels. Veteran of 20 solar eclipse expeditions. Founder and director of Your Universe, the UCL festival of Astronomy. Producing and delivering The Mind of the Universe, a collection of public and school lectures and teacher workshops on astrophysics, cosmology and life in the Universe. His most recent educational project is called Think Universe

He is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL, vice president of the UK Association for Astronomy Education and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He is a keen populariser of natural sciences and extensive experience as a planetarium producer/presenter, lecturer, author and broadcaster.

I look forward to see you all on the 16th for this fascinating lecture that puts beautifully into perspective the creation of our universe to present day Earth.  

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