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 A selection of photos by Chris Woodcock


A selection of photos by Ashley Higgs

Images of Ursa Major, a "genuine" cloud and a thunderstorm By Ashley Higgs

No Sunspots but ISS against the Sun by Ashley Higgs. Canon 1000D, Baader filter and Celestron 8se.

Sunspots By Ashley Higgs Canon 1000D, Baader filter and Celestron 8se.

Images of Sturn by Ashley Higgs A bit of atmospheric dispersion on these. Celestron 8se + Celestron Neximage 5.

IridiumFlares By Ashley Higgs taken with either a Panasonic TZ60 or the Canon 1000D. Exposures vary from 15 to 30 seconds. (The flares last for about 6 seconds on average.)

 Moon by Ashley Higgs using iPhone

Three Moon images taken with a Canon 1000D by Ashley Higgs

Three images of Jupiter taken with a Celestron 8se SCT and a Celestron Neximage 5 camera.
by Ashley Higgs

Solar Prominences at
16:20 and 17:45.
Coronado PST
iPhone 5s

By Chris Woodcock

The Sun and active areas AR2567 and AR2565
07:17 19/7/2016
Filtered 80mm Helios refractor with 20mm eyepiece
Hand held iPhone 5s, zoomed for larger image of spots

By Chris Woodcock 19th July 2016

A first play with my new scope and camera combination.
Saturn with PDS150 and QHY5Lii mono.
Saturn was about 18° above horizon and seeing was poor so I was pleased to get even this.
By Jarvis Brand 18th July 2016

Wealden astronomers at the annual barbecue-relaxing after another year of events and outreach.
By Keith Woodcock  17 July 2016.

98.7% Almost full Moon
Distance 389,250km
21:26 18/7/2016
80mm refractor with 20mm eyepiece, fitted with 20% Moon filter
Hand held iPhone 5s  -  By Chris Woodcock

Some images of the Mercury Transit while it lasted. By Chris Ellis

They are slightly elongated because the camera was at an angle to the projected image and focusing was a compromise.

Details are taken with a Nikon Coolpix L330. Telescope was a 4 inch(102mm) refractor, eyepiece 9mm orthoscopic.
Lunar Eclipse 2015 by Chris Ellis

Moon, 18:20, 22/03/2016, taken with iPhone 5s and 80mm refractor 
By Chris Woodcock

Lunar Eclipse 2015 By Chris Ellis

Moon by Chris Woodcock
16/02/2016, taken with the iphone 5s and 80mm refractor

Moon at 99% Waning. Taken with the iphone 5S abd 80mm refractor By Chris Woodcock
Sunday 28/02/2016

Orion Nebula M42, imaged last night through my telescope at the Herstmonceux Observatory open evening by John Fox.

Moon 24/02/2016 By Chris Woodcock

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